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Here you have a super easy, delicious and rich pasta dish for any day of the week! I hope you like it!

  • 2 cups Uncooked pasta
  • 1 chicken Breast cut into small cubes
  • 2 cups Broccoli florets 
  • 2 cups sliced mushrooms
  • 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 2 minced Garlic Cloves
  • ½ - 1 cup Parmesan Cheese 
  • 1 tbsp Fresh Thyme
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • Chopped Fresh Parsley 
  • 1 ½  Cup Heavy Cream
  • ½ Cup White Wine

Cook the pasta in boiling, salted water for 5 minutes, then in the same pot add in the broccoli florets and continue to cook until the pasta is Al Dente, for about another 4 - 5 more minutes. Once the pasta is done, drain it and set it aside. (I seasoned the pasta water with one garlic clove, one bay leave, a bit of olive oil and salt to taste).

In a large saucepan, on medium high heat, heat up the olive oil and cook the chicken for 5 minutes. Then Remove the chicken from the saucepan and set it aside.

In the same saucepan where you cooked the chicken, now heat up the butter and cook the mushroom for 3 minutes or until soften. Then add in the minced garlic and stir together for 30 seconds. Then add in the white wine, cook on high heat for 3 more minutes.

Reduce the heat to medium and add in the heavy cream, and bring in the chicken pieces back into the saucepan. Cover and bring this to a boil.

Once the sauce is boiling, add in the pasta and the broccoli, toss everything together so  everything will get well combined, then add fresh parsley to taste, and shredded parmesan cheese to taste, toss together, taste the flavor add more salt and pepper if needed.

Once you are happy with the flavor, you can serve it.

Garnish with more Parsley and more Parmesan Cheese.


Here you have another family recipe, this one is from my Aunt Rebeca from Irapuato, Guanajuato, this one is very popular to go along with your pizzas, but I found it so deliciously amazing that ever since i tasted it, I’ve been using it on everything, Carne Asada, tacos, tostadas, chicken, fish, it goes great with everything!

  • Chiles de Árbol (to Taste)
  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • 1 chunk of Onion
  • 1 Tbsp Mustard
  • 4 Tbsp Mayonnaise
  • 1 Cup Evaporated Milk
  • Water to taste
  • Salt to taste

In a skillet, with a bit of oil, toast the dry chilies for about one minute in total,  Then place them, together with the rest of the ingredients in the blender, season with salt to taste. And Blend on high until you get a soft sauce. Taste the flavor add more salt if needed, and if you think the sauce is too thick, feel free to add more evaporated milk or water to thin it out to a consistency that you like.  Once you are happy with the flavor and consistency, the sauce is ready.


Here you have a super easy recipe for any day of the week!  Delicious Chicken Rolls.
Perfect for any occasion.

  • 3 lbs thinly sliced Chicken fillets
  • 8 slices of Turkey Ham (1 piece per fillet)
  • 14 slices Cheese 
  • 3 large eggs
  • ¼ cup All Purpose flour
  • 1 cup Dried Breadcrumbs
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Black Pepper (to taste)
  • ½  Tbs Dry Parsley 
  • +Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Preheat Oven to 350ºF.

Season the chicken fillets with salt and pepper on all sides.

Season the eggs with salt and pepper, beat until well beaten.

Season the flour with salt and pepper. Mix well.

Season the breadcrumbs with salt, pepper and parsley.

Cover the chicken fillets with the flour mixture.  Tap to remove the excess flour. Set aside.

Place a slice of ham on top of each chicken fillet, and also place one and a half slices
of cheese on top of the ham, roll the chicken fillets.  Use toothpicks to keep the roll in place.

Dip the chicken rolls in the egg mixture. Tap to remove the excess egg. Transfer them
To the breadcrumb mixture.  Tap to remove the excess breadcrumbs and place the rolls
On a baking dish. Drizzle the rolls with a bit of olive oil.

Bake at 350ºF for 35-40 minutes or until well cooked.

Once they are done, let them rest for 2-3 minutes. Then serve.

Serve with a salad or white rice!


Here you have an easy and quick meal for Lent Season or just for those hot summer days that are almost here.

This is a beautiful, colorful and delicious Tuna Salad full of different textures and flavors that complement each other so well. I hope you like it as much as we did.

Ingredients for the Salad:
  • 3 cups Spring Mix Salad
  • 3 Cans of Tuna in Water
  • 1 cup  Cooked Garbanzo Beans
  • ¼ cup Chopped Red Onion
  • ½ cup Cherry Tomatoes cut in half.
  • 1 Chopped Cucumber
  • 1 cup Corn Kernels 
  • 1 Chopped Avocado
  • Baked Tortilla strips  To Serve (optional)

Ingredients For the dressing:
  • ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 tbsp Minced Parsley
  • 2-3 Minced Garlic Cloves
  • Juice of one lime 
  • Sal (to taste)
  • Black Pepper (to taste)

Wash all the ingredients and Drain the Tuna. Set aside until ready to use.

To make the Dressing:  combine olive oil with minced garlic and minced parsley, season with the juice of one lime, salt and pepper and if you want to add a kick, feel free to add some crushed red pepper to taste, mix well, until combined. Taste the flavor add more salt, pepper or lime juice if necessary.

To make the Salad: In a large bowl combine all the ingredients: Spring Mix, Corn Kernels, Cherry tomatoes cut in half, onion cut in small chunks, also the cucumber cut in chunks about the same size as the tomatoes, also add in the avocado cut in chunks, the garbanzo beans and the tuna, toss all the ingredients together, season with a pinch of salt and pepper.   Pour some of the dressing over the salad, mix well so all the ingredients will be well seasoned with the dressing. Top with Baked tortilla strips, and serve.

Garnish with more fresh Parsley and more dressing.


This refreshing Beet Water is very popular around Lent Season in my hometown, in the north of México, it’s so delicious and so easy to make that you can have it all year around. It’s great to go along your Lent Season dishes, or perfect during a hot day any day of the week!  Enjoy

  • 4-6 bananas
  • ½ a small lettuce
  • 5 beets
  • 5 oranges 
  • Cane sugar to taste
  • 1 ½  Gallons of water (4 liters of water) 

Wash all the ingredients.

Slice four of the oranges. Set the slices aside. And reserve the leftover Orange.

Cut the bananas into slices. Set them aside.

Shred the lettuce. Rinse it. And Set aside.

Peel the beets. Cut three of the beets into small cubes. Shred the other two beets.

In a large bowl or container add in about two gallons of water, season the water with cane sugar to taste, then add in cubed and shredded beets, followed by the oranges, the bananas and the lettuce, stir well, then into the water add in the juice of the leftover Orange. Taste the flavor add more sugar if necessary.

Add plenty of ice or refrigerate until you are ready to serve it.


Today I’m sharing with you, one of my favorite dishes. Pescado Frito, this is so simple yet so delicious.  A whole Tilapia, fried to perfection, packed with a lot of flavor, and crisp on the outside and deliciously tender in the inside. Enjoy

  • 3-4 whole  tilapias
  • 1 tbsp Crushed Red Pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Lemon Pepper seasoning
  • 1 Tbsp Garlic Salt seasoning 
  • 2-3 limes
  • +Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil to Fry 

Rinse the fish with cold water and pat it dry with paper towels

Grab a knife and make some cut along each side of the fish, you will make about 3 cuts on each side, you want them to be about three quarters of an inch deep; deep enough to season the flesh but without cutting the fish completely, this will allow all the seasonings to get inside the flesh of the fish as well

Season the fish the the garlic salt, the lemon pepper and the crushed red pepper, make sure to season well on all sides and also inside the cuts that you made on each fish. Once the fish is well seasoned, now squish the lime juice all over the fish, on both sides as well. And let it marinate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, preheat plenty of vegetable oil or canola oil, to a temperature of 350ºF, fry the fish for about three to five minutes on each side.

My fish were about 350 grams each, so I fried them for 3 minutes on the first side, then flip it around and continue to fry it on the second side for another 3 more minutes. (if your fish is bigger, it might take about 5 minutes on each side.)

Once the fish is well cooked, remove it from the oil, drain it on paper towels, and continue to fry the rest of the fish until you are done.

Serve with a simple salad and some white rice! Enjoy!

Spicy Chipotle Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Salsa:

These are some of the best tacos I have made, spicy and delicious, serve with a creamy avocado salsa that complements the chipotle shrimp so well!  Easy to make any day of the week! Enjoy.

2.5 lbs shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/4 cup chipotle sauce
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Dry Parsley
1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper
1 Minced Garlic Clove
Chopped Cilantro to taste
1 lime

Avocado Cream:
1 Avocado
1 cup Heavy Cream
1 Lime
2 Serrano Peppers
1 Garlic Clove
Chopped Cilantro
+Salt (To Taste)
+1/2 - 1 Cup Water

To serve:
Corn Tortillas
Shredded Lettuce

Season the shrimp with the minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste, add in the dry parsley, olive oil, honey and chipotle sauce,  toss together until the shrimp is well seasoned, and refrigerate for at least 10 minutes before cooking them.

To make the sauce:  Place all sauce ingredients in the blender and blend until you get a soft sauce, add more water if you think the sauce is too thick, then taste the flavor add more salt and lime juice if you think it is necessary. Once you are happy with the flavor and consistency, the sauce is ready. Reserve it.

Cook the shrimp. Heat up a skillet on high heat and cook the shrimp for about 3-4 minutes stirring frequently.  Once the shrimp is well cooked, it will get a pinkish color, once they are done, drizzle them with lime juice to taste, and garnish with fresh cilantro.  Then they are ready to make the tacos.

Heat up the tortillas, place some shrimp right on the center of the tortilla, top the taco with some
shredded lettuce and serve with plenty of the avocado sauce.


Here you have a delicious and quick side dish on the Air Fryer. It’s the perfect complement for any of your meat dishes! Enjoy!

2 lbs. Small Potatoes
2 -3 Tbsp Fresh Chopped Rosemary
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin olive Oil
2 Tbsp Butter
Black Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Wash the potatoes, and pat them dry.

In a small bowl combine the olive oil with two tablespoons of butter, and microwave this for one minute or until the butter is melted.

Cut the potatoes in half, place them in a large bowl, season them with the oil-butter mixture and toss well then season them with the rosemary, salt and pepper to taste.  Let them rest for five minute before cooking them.

Preheat the air fryer to 400ºF.   
Place the potatoes in the air fryer bowl, and cook them for 30 minutes at 400ºF.  (feel free to check on them after the first 15 minutes.)

Once they are done, they are ready to serve. Garnish with Fresh Parsley and serve with your favorite main dishes. Enjoy!


Here you have a super easy and delicious recipe for this Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. I hope you can give it a try! 


  • 4.4 lbs Pork Loin 
  • 1 - 1 ½ Cups Apricot Preserves 
  • 3 Tbsp Dijon Mustard 
  • 3 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar 
  • 1 - 1 ½ Cups Beef Broth 
  • 2 - 3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Salt (to Taste) 
  • Black Pepper (to Taste) 

Season the pork loin with salt and pepper on all sides.

In a large bowl mix the apricot preserves with three tablespoons of Dijon mustard and three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar , stir until well combined, then add in the pork loin, make sure the pork loin is well covered with this mixture on all sides, then rub this mixture on the pork loin for one minute. Then cover with foil and refrigerate it for at least two hours. 

After two hours. In a large saucepan, preheat about three tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil on medium high heat, and once the oil is hot, cook the pork loin for about 3 - 4 minutes on each side (Just the pork loin, do not add in the marinade yet) 

Once the pork loin is browned on all sides, now add in the marinade (the mixture you used to marinate de pork loin) Also add in the the beef broth, sprinkle with salt and pepper flip the pork loin, then cover with a lid and cook on medium low heat for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, flip the pork loin around, pour some of the cooking liquid on top, cover again with a lid and continue to cook for another 30 more minutes or until the pork loin is well cooked. 

The internal temperature of the well cooked pork loin should be 150ºF. Once it reaches that temperature the pork is done, remove it from the heat, pour some of the cooking liquid on top, cover with a lid and let it rest for 10 minutes before serving it. 

After 10 minutes, slice it into thin slices, dip the slices back in the cooking sauce, then serve them. I'm serving them with Roasted potatoes and asparagus. Enjoy!

Here you have a super easy to make Pie! It’s the perfect dessert for this Thanksgiving, or any day of this season! Enjoy

  • 1 ready to bake pie crust
  • 24 large marshmallows
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 can 15oz pumpkin puree
  • 1 tin 8oz whipped cream
  • ½ tsp Cinnamon
  • ½ tsp Allspice
  • ¼ tsp Nutmeg
  • Pinch of Salt

Preheat the oven to 350ºF

Place the Ready to Bake pie crust in your  prepared pie pan, poke it with a fork a couple times, and then bake it at 350ºF for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Once it’s done, set it aside for a minute.

To make the filling:  In a saucepan on low heat, melt the marshmallows, once they are melted, remove them from the heat, and into the pan add in the pumpkin puree, together with the cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, salt and vanilla extract. Stir until everything is well combined.  Then add in the whipped cream. Stir until combined. Then pour this into the pie crust and refrigerate it for at least 4 hours.

After 4 hours, then serve it.  Serve with more whipped cream and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.


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