Are you craving something sweet, yet nutritious and full of flavor, maybe something chocolatey?

Well you came to the right place, I have a perfect EASY, delicious and healthy alternative just for you!!


1 cup of dark chocolate morsels
and some toothpicks

Peal the bananas, cut them in thirds and place them in the freezer while you melt your chocolate morsels.

To melt the chocolate, you can do it the microwave. It will take like 3 minutes, just do it one minute at a time, and be sure to stir your chocolate in between every minute. (to prevent the chocolate from burning)

The best way to do it is using a double boiler. Melt your chocolate and once is done, you are ready to dip your bananas in.

You can use anything you wan to add a little extra texture to your banana.
Drizzle with some white chocolate,
sprinkle with some colored sugar, nuts, or anything you want.

You are ready to eat! Of course if you put your choco-bananas back in the freezer for around 10 more minutes... they will be even better! They will be cool and will have a delicious chocolatey crunch!