Hi Everyone,  I hope you are all doing great, the weather has been crazy cold where I live, so today I’m bringing you a recipe that will keep warm in this cold weather,  it’s a delicious Mexican soup,  this one is from Tlalpan in Mexico City, it’s so rich and flavorful,  the perfect delicious Mexican comfort food! What makes this soup different from others is the toppings, so do not leave the toppings out, they will complement the soup to perfection. Enjoy!

  • 3 C Shredded Chicken
  • 1 can (16oz) Garbanzo beans
  • 3 Chopped Carrots
  • 1 chopped Onion
  • 1 ½ T minced Garlic
  • ¼ C chopped Cilantro
  • 3 large Roma Tomatoes cut in half
  • 3-5 Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
  • Salt to taste
  • Ground Black Pepper to taste
  • ½ tsp Marjoram
  • ½ tsp Thyme
  • 1 Bay Leave
  • 1 Epazote sprig (optional) (it’s very difficult to find in the US)
  • 5-6 C Chicken Broth or water

To serve:
  • Queso Fresco in cubes (feta cheese)
  • Avocado in cubes
  • Lime wedges
  • Chipotle slices
  • Tortilla Chips

In a large sauce pan, on medium heat, add a splash of oil and cook the tomatoes with about ¼ cup of chopped onions, cook for about 2-3 minutes  just so the tomatoes soften a bit. After 3 minutes or so, transfer these to a blender, and into the blender also add in ½ tablespoon of minced garlic, 3-5 chipotle peppers, 1 cup of water or chicken broth, season this with ½ tsp. marjoram, ½ tsp. thyme, salt and black pepper to taste,  blend this until you get a soft sauce, then taste the flavor add more salt and pepper if needed, then reserve the sauce for a minute.

In the same saucepan where you cooked the tomatoes, now add in the rest of the onion, the carrots and about 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, (feel free to add more oil if necessary), give this a quick stir, cover with a lid and cook for about 5 minutes just so the carrots will soften.

After 5 minutes, the carrots should be soften, now add in the shredded chicken, the bay leave, the chipotle sauce, about 5-6 cups of chicken broth, the garbanzo beans,  chopped cilantro to taste, and 1 sprig of epazote, give it a stir, cover with a lid, and cook on medium low heat for about 10-15 minutes or until it comes to a boil.

Once the soup is boiling, taste the flavor, add more salt and pepper if needed, remove the bay leave and the epazote sprig from the soup, then serve.

Serve your soup in a bowl, top it with Queso fresco cubes, avocado cubes, a squish of fresh limes and garnish with more cilantro and more chipotle to taste!


Hi everyone! Today’s recipe is another super easy and healthy recipe, I hope you like it.  This one is perfect for all of you on a gluten free diet or any other kind of diet, it’s rich in fiber, protein and lots of other vitamins and minerals, and also so rich in flavor! It’s amazingly delicious and super easy to make.   I hope you like it.

  • 1 cup Quinoa
  • 2 ½ C Water
  • 1 can (11oz) Southwestern style Corn
  • 1 chopped tomatoes
  • 3 chopped Green Onions
  • ¼ C chopped cilantro
  • 1 T Extra Virgin Olive OIl
  • Salt to taste
  • Ground Black Pepper to taste

In a saucepan, bring 2 ½ cups of water to a boil, season it with salt and pepper to taste. Add in the Quinoa and stir, cover the pan with a lid and cook on low heat for about 15 minutes or until the water has evaporated and the Quinoa is tender.

Once the Quinoa is cooked, turn off the heat, and add in the Olive oil, the chopped tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and Southwestern style corn, toss together, taste the flavor add more salt and pepper in needed. Once you are happy with the flavor, you are ready to serve.Serve with your favorite chicken or meat.!


Today’s recipe is another easy and delicious idea for Valentine’s day, this is one could be a great appetizer or an even better main dish! It’s up to you!  I hope you like it!

  • 1 lb Shrimp peeled and deveined
  • ½ T minced Garlic
  • 1 T Curry Powder
  • ½ T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1  T Chopped Cilantro
  • ½ T Lime Juice
  • Salt to taste
  • Ground Black Pepper to taste

Combine the olive oil with the curry powder, salt and pepper, stir well and pour this mixture over the shrimp, make sure every single shrimp is well covered and seasoned with the curry mixture and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 10-15 minutes.

Preheat a skillet or griddle, brush it with a bit of olive oil, and cook the shrimp for about 5 minutes or until cooked. (The shrimp will get a pinkish color once it’s cooked, so don’t overcook it!) Once the shrimp is done, turn off the heat and righ there in the skillet add in the fresh cilantro and lime juice, give everything a quick toss, and serve.

Serve over your favorite salad, pasta or rice, or even better, make some delicious tacos with these, heat up some tortilla, grab some fresh pico de gallo and avocado slices and there you have it heaven in a taco, for a healthier version feel free to replace the tortillas with lettuce leaves! 


Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely week! So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and today I’m bringing you another easy, delicious and great idea to surprise your Other Half.I hope you like it!

Makes 2 Small cakes

  • ½ C Oatmeal Flour
  • 3 T Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • ½ tspn Baking Powder
  • pinch of Salt
  • 3 T Sugar
  • 1 T vegetable Oil
  • 3 T Ground Flax Seed
  • ½ C Milk
  • +5 T Water
  • + Cooking Spray

To decorate:

  • ¼ cup melted Dark Chocolate

Combine the flax seed with three tablespoons of water, mix well and set aside for a minute.

Combine the dry ingredients: Flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder and salt, stir well to combine.  Set aside for a minute.

Combine the Milk with oil and flax seed mixture, add two  more tablespoons of water and stir until well combined. Pour this mixture over the flour mixture and stir until you get a smooth batter. (If batter seems too dry feel free to add one more tablespoon of water.)

Spray a mug or small microwavable bowl with cooking spray, and pour half the batter into it, do not fill the mug or bowl all the way to the top, leave about half an inch from the top.  

Place the cake in the microwave and cook on high for 90 seconds.  

Run a knife around the edges of the cake, then transfer to a plate.  Let it cool completely before icing it. (if you have trouble trying to remove the cake from the mug/pan, it might mean it needs more cooking, so feel free to let it cook for another 15-30 more seconds!) Repeat this step to make the second cake.

Decorate the cake with melted chocolate and fresh berries.


Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing OK!
Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so here you have an excellent recipe to surprise your other half. This easy and delicious breakfast will set the mood for a romantic day any day of the year! I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy!

  • 2 C Oatmeal flour
  • 2 T Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • 1 Large Egg
  • 2 C Milk
  • 2 T Sugar
  • 2 tspn Baking Powder
  • ½ tspn Baking Soda
  • ¼ tspn Salt
  • 2 tspn Vanilla Extract
  • 1 T Red food coloring
  • 2 T Melted Butter
  • + Butter for cooking

In a large bowl sift the dry ingredients. (Oatmeal flour salt, baking soda, baking powder, sugar and cocoa powder.) Stir until well combined and set aside for a minute.

In a bowl combine the milk with the vanilla, the egg, the melted butter and the food coloring.  

Pour the wet ingredients over the dry ingredients, and stir until well combined into a smooth batter. (if you think the batter is too thick feel free to add more milk or water to thin it out a bit!).

Preheat a griddle or skillet and rub it with a bit of butter. Pour a bit of the batter onto the skillet or griddle to make the pancakes, and cook each pancake for 90 seconds on the first side or until the surface becomes bubbly, then flip around and cook for  another 40-60 seconds on that side or until completely cooked.  Repeat this step until all the pancakes are cooked.

Serve with your favorite syrup and fresh berries.


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